Selling products on Amazon? Use UPC codes!

Do you sell homemade or imported products and would you like to offer them on Amazon? Then you will need an UPC code for each product. If you are new to selling on Amazon, it may seem confusing. But don’t worry, we'll explain how it works step by step. By selling products on Amazon with UPC codes, you immediately reach a much larger audience. As a result, you will sell more and your turnover will increase significantly. So it's certainly worthwhile! Find out exactly how it works.

Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the largest of all online stores and is active in more than 100 countries. This makes them the absolute leader in e-commerce. Amazon sells more than half a billion products, which are stored in distribution centres that stretch for miles. 800,000 employees are working daily to send all Amazon packages. Amazon's statistics showed that 85% of third-party sellers are profitable. You understand that Amazon is the place to start selling your products. In one fell swoop, you have about 300 million potential customers!

Why should you use UPC codes?

An UPC code is a European Article Number. It consists of a series of numbers with associated barcodes. This unique code makes it possible to distinguish and identify your products. Other words for UPC code are UPC number and barcode; these all involve the same product.

Using an UPC number, you can sell products on major sales platforms like Amazon. As a result, you will immediately reach a much larger target audience, which will certainly have a positive effect on your turnover. The UPC codes are unique and are issued once. In addition, the handy barcode is included as standard. The UPC codes allow your product to be identified and scanned on and outside Amazon. This is essential for the sales process to run smoothly.

Adding barcodes on Amazon

Are you convinced to start selling on Amazon? When adding a new product, you must immediately add the UPC code. We will explain to you step by step how it works.

  • Step 1: Choose the barcode type
    When adding a new product, you must enter the barcode type you are using. Different barcodes are used in different countries, for example, they use UPC codes in America. In the drop-down menu behind 'product ID', choose UPC, then you have the right barcode type.
  • Step 2: Choose your seller SKU
    After choosing the barcode type, you go through the process. You will also come across the seller SKU, also known as MSKU. This stands for (Merchant) Stock Keeping Unit. The unique code you enter here is the same all over Amazon and only relevant on Amazon. It makes it easy to identify your products and keep track of your inventory. We would recommend using part or all of the UPC code for this. That way you can quickly see which UPC code belongs to which product.
  • Step 3: Keep the ASIN in mind
    The ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Notification Number. Because Amazon is such a big selling platform, it also has its own code system. The ASIN code can be used to ensure that customers directly find your products within Amazon.
  • Step 4: UPC, (M)SKU and ASIN together form the FNSKU
    The UPC code, (M)SKU and ASIN together form the FNSKU: Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. Amazon links a product to a unique seller who uses Amazon. That way, selling on Amazon can run smoothly and the right revenue reaches the right seller.
  • Step 5: Using product labels
    If all these codes are set up correctly, you can start using the product labels for your unique product. You can download the labels during the 'label products' step when you are preparing a shipment. You stick these labels on the products you send to Amazon. Then you are all set to start selling your products!

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