Do you want to sell products on major sales platforms such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Shopping? Then you need an UPC code. In our clear webshop, you can easily buy your UPC, regardless of whether you are a large or small entrepreneur. Because of our professional working method, you can buy your UPC codes from us with complete confidence. We guarantee a low price and officially recognized UPC numbers. Is that exactly what you're looking for? We will tell you more!

What is an UPC code?

An UPC consists of a series of numbers with a barcode. You can distinguish and identify your products with this unique code. UPC codes make it possible to sell your products on major sales platforms. You will thus immediately reach a much larger target group. This ensures that a lot more customers will find their way to your products. This will also increase your turnover considerably. So buying an UPC is therefore absolutely worthwhile. But how exactly does that work?

Buying your UPC at UPCGTINbarcodes

We offer packages with different amounts of UPC codes so that you can always make a choice that suits your business. After ordering and paying, you will immediately receive the codes in the desired file by e-mail. You get the barcodes for free with your UPC numbers! You can always return to our website to log in. All your UPC codes are listed there so that you can keep downloading and using them.

We give you the assurance that our codes are issued only once. The unique code therefore always remains yours and is never resold. We give you a 100% guarantee that the UPC numbers work on the indicated sales platforms. We work professionally and are always clear to you as a customer.

A word from our customers

Our satisfied customers regularly leave great reviews. For example, read what Jolien said about her great experience with our webshop:

“We looked at and compared many different webshops online. UPCGTINbarcodes had the best price, so I finally decided to place my order at UPCGTINbarcodes. The order was delivered via e-mail (I think it took 10 minutes). After this, I could log in with my account and download the codes. Next time, when I have new products in my range, I will buy here again!”

More info?

Excited? Would you like to buy an UPC from us? Feel free to take a look at our clear webshop. Would you like to ask some questions or discuss the different packages with us? Our customer service will be happy to help you!