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Do you want to buy a recognized UPC number? Then you have come to the right place. We will help you professionally and comprehensively. It is our goal to provide clarity for everyone in the UPC number market. Both large and small businesses can contact us for officially recognized UPC numbers.

With an UPC with barcode, you will be able to offer products on major sales platforms. Consider, for example, Amazon, eBay, iTunes and Google Shopping. This ensures that you reach many more customers and make more sales. Very important for the growth of your company!

Why buy an UPC number at UPCGTINbarcodes?

An UPC number is actually indispensable if you sell products online. If you want to buy an UPC number at UPCGTINbarcodes, you have the following guarantees:

  • Many options: there are packages with different quantities of UPC numbers. All at a guaranteed low price.
  • You will receive the UPC numbers by e-mail immediately after payment.
  • You will receive the UPC numbers in the desired files, such as Excel or notepad.
  • Free corresponding barcodes.
  • Our UPC numbers are unique and remain yours, they will not be resold.
  • Possibility to log in to our website, where you will find all your UPC numbers in your personal environment. From there you can find and use all your numbers.
  • Officially recognized UPC numbers.
  • The guarantee that the numbers will work on the indicated platforms.
  • Our UPC numbers never start with a 0.
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What results can you expect?

You are going to buy an UPC number, but exactly what advantages will you experience? First, it becomes much easier to distinguish your products from each other. After all, they are given a unique number, which makes identification rather quick. The biggest advantage is of course offering your products on major sales platforms. The results for your business will be significant. You immediately reach a much larger customer base, allowing you to sell more and generate more revenue. It goes without saying that such results will be a big step forward for your company!

Please feel free to take a look at our webshop! There you will find a clear overview of all our packages with UPC numbers. Our customer service is available if you have any questions or would just like to talk things through.