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Want to buy upc numbers, we understand that. That is why we started the upcgtinbarcodes. When you are in possession of a product and it is not yet equipped with an upc number you may find that it is not widely accepted on sales platforms. With us you buy one-off upc numbers that are also issued once, which means that these numbers always remain yours after the order is placed. Often the following names are used online: upc12, upc Code, upc Number and GTIN. This all comes under the same thing. So it does not matter under which name you order it. You will always receive a 12 number code that works on the online platforms.

Benefits our UPC numbers

UPC numbers can be provided by different parties in many different ways, as stated earlier this is why we started Upcgtinbarcodes. We want to create clarity in this market and make it easy accessible for starting companies. Therefore, we offer the following assurances when you order one or more upc number from us:

  • All our UPC number will be issued to you once
  • When you place an order, the UPC number will be delivered directly and automatically by mail. Then you can always find the number in your own account and download it again.
  • The UPC numbers work on all online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and more
  • Free barcodes are always provided.