Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most common questions we had customers ask over the years. off course it could happen your question has not been asserted here. In that case feel free to contact us so we can reply with a personal response.

Do these UPC codes work on Amazon?

Yes, In fact we started this webshop to sell on Amazon. Our UPC codes always work on Amazon

What do I receive when I order UPC codes?

At the moment you order from us you receive a email. In here you will find your account details. In this account you can login and download your UPC codes instantly. You will also be able to re-download them through this account. Also you will find your upc barcodes here. Furthermore you can find your invoice here to download. This way you got everything in 1 place so its very easy to find what your looking for . With your order you receive:

What is the delivery time?

All UPC codes are sent DIRECTLY after placing the order by email. It does not matter whether you order in the night, on holidays or weekens.

Do I also receive barcodes?

Yes, these will always be included for free and can be easily downloaded again from within your account.

Are your UPC codes official?

We get this question a lot, like 5 times a week. When you order UPC codes from us they will always be recognized by all mayor platforms such as Amazon, Ebay,, iTunes, Google shopping etc etc. The UPC codes will only be sold once so you know there unique.

Why are you guys cheaper then other upccode shops?

This has multiple reasons, in europe we are the biggest player. Therefor we can buy the UPC codes in bulk and save you money. Finally we don't spent much on marketing so we can offer the UPC codes cheaper then others.

Can I get a refund after I downloaded the UPC codes?

That is not possible, all UPC codes are matched to the customer. This mupcs after placing the order you are the owner of the UPC codes and we can no longer sell them to anyone else.