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Do you sell homemade or imported products? Would you like to reach more customers and increase your turnover? Our barcodes make that possible! By buying a barcode you can start selling products on the biggest sales platforms. It can sometimes be unclear or difficult to obtain barcodes. We believe that every entrepreneur should be able to buy these easily. That is why we have set up our clear and professional webshop. You can rest assured that we offer officially recognized barcodes at a low price. Would you like to buy barcodes? Read more about all the benefits and our procedure!

The benefits of barcodes

Barcodes consist of a barcode and a unique series of numbers. Barcodes are also called UPC codes or numbers. This all concerns the same product. By purchasing a unique barcode you can easily identify and distinguish your product. Barcodes are necessary to be able to offer your products on major sales platforms such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes and Google Shopping. As you can imagine, you will then immediately reach a huge target group on these platforms. You will get more customers and your turnover will increase! It is therefore absolutely worthwhile to buy a barcode.

We never resell our barcodes. That means you get a unique barcode that will always be yours. We give you a 100% guarantee that the barcodes will work on the specified sales platforms. Buying a barcode in our webshop is easy because of our clear and professional procedure.

Buy your unique barcode

In our webshop, we offer different packages, each with a different number of barcodes. This ensures that you can choose the package that suits you. After payment, you will immediately receive the barcodes by e-mail. You can choose the desired file, for example, Excel. The barcode will be delivered complete with a unique number sequence underneath it. You can then log in at any time in your personal environment on our website. There you will find all your barcodes so that you can always use them.

Interested? You can buy your barcode in our webshop. Would you like to get in touch with us to talk things through or to ask questions? Our customer service is happy to help you!